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Marble Action Now is a 3D double twin stick shooter platformer. In order to move, you must shoot. When you shoot, you move in the opposite direction to where you are shooting. Try to make it to the end of the level and feel rewarded for overcoming mistakes and intense situations.

This game is a work in progress.

Get to the end of the level. Try to avoid falling into the bottomless pit. Try to get used to failing over and over before succeeding because you will definitely fail.


An Xbox 360 controller is highly recommended to play this game.

360 Controls

Left stick -> Aim green gun
Left Bumper -> Shoot green bullets.

Right Stick -> Aim red gun

Right Bumper -> Shoot red bullets.

Keyboard Controls

WASD -> Aim green gun

Right CTRL -> Shoot green bullets

IJKL -> Aim red gun

Spacebar -> Shoot red gun

Note: You can get past most of the level by just using one gun. But there is a section where you have to use both guns. You'll know what I mean if you make it that far. ;)


Marble Action Now 27042016.zip 99 MB

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