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Hi there,

On Saturday 2nd December myself and Emile took part in the annual Game Craft Christmas game jam. The theme was borders and we instantly thought of lots of walls in the way. 

We had 8 hours to make a game before the pizza arrived so we got stuck in. Emile was installing my version of Unity and while he waited, he got to work on the music. I was stuck into the code getting the player movement and camera follow to work. 

Once Emile had joined me in Unity we had Unity collab set up and we were working together very effectively. Emile brought in proBuilder and got to work on the Level Design. I worked on respawning and restarting the levels and integrating it with a menu system.

After lunch we took to getting a loop in and working out challenges. We had a hazard, key, goal and spawn set up and it was starting to look like a working playable fun game. Puzzles can take a bit of time to polish but we had working levels that you could fail or pass and we spent the rest of our time finishing levels and getting as much of the features we had created into the game. There is a lot more features programmed than we had time to implement. The important thing though was that we finished and it was replayable without crashes or major bugs.

After the pizza was absorbed we got to playing some other games made at the jam. People played ours and everyone we saw play it seemed to enjoy it. We hope you also enjoy it and leave a comment or send us a tweet @da_Moff or @marbleactionnow to let us know what you thought. Enough love and we may work on it a bit more.



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